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Download html view in pdf

I have a form on one of my pages, once submitted, it puts stuff into database and according to what the user has inserted a different view has been generated. Now on the generated view i have to enable a link that will download the whole page as PDF, but with Cyrillic font (Serbian in my case). I was thinking about this solution: Before i generate the view i want to save it as pdf into a temporary folder and then on the view give link that will simply download the file to the user's machine. I was wondering if there is any other more simple solution than this? Notice i have to enable the download via link on the same page. Is DomPDF okay to use for the cyrillic support?
Thanks in advance

As far as I know does DOMPDF not support UTF-8, which is probably (?) what You want.

I recently used a TCPDF CI integration from the Wiki, which does have UTF-8 support.

You will need to create Your font files, though, (the TCPDF comes with tools to do it).

Thanks, i fixed it all except that i need cyrillic fonts, but is there any tutorial how to do it with TCPDF?

In theTCPDF distribution, in the fonts folder I believe, are all required utilities, scripts and a readme how to create the font files from a TrueType font.

fixed it this way:

$data['something'] = $this->Model->get_something();
$this->load->library('pdf'); //This is from the wiki the integration library.
$this->pdf->SetFont('freeserif', '', 12); //This font supports serbian latin.
$html = $this->parser->parse('some_view', $data); //I have parser class loaded previously
//I tried loading a view, but it didn't work. Also tcpdf hates characters like <br/>
$this->pdf->writeHTML($html, true, 0, true, 0);
ob_end_clean(); //I had to use this, otherwise it produces error about the headers being sent already.
$this->pdf->Output('File.pdf', 'I');

Hope someone finds it helpful. If you want more help, send me private message.
Thanks again for the help and pointing out the TCPDF.

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