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import excel to mysql

Well, we do try Smile

Ad it turns out using the quick reply really does make you faster lol

or you can use MySQL's native 'LOAD DATA INFILE' which can take the csv file directly to the DB and insert/update records as required. It works a lot quicker than even trying to build up the query.

well library is working really fine im able to get my desired data but now facing more problem is that excel file also has address which already separated by commas for example

Gold Centre 1st Floor, Office No 16

after exporting to CSV file address is closed in double quotes like

"Gold Centre 1st Floor, Office No 16"

but when this data come to CSVReader library that is also splitting address also how can i avoid to split address between double quotes.

You have to use another sign as delimiter (Wink in the csv files and in the library

I think a tab would probably be the smartest delimiter to use.

well ; work really fine the only thing is client has to change the delimiter from the system regional settings

Well.. I read this post from starting..
can anyone tell me about excel file import to mssql or mysql database..??
I didn't get any direct library or plugin.
please answer if somebody know about this..

Thanks in advance

Are you wanting to import a CSV that represents the actual table, or just extract some of the data, and insert that into the database?

My actual requirement is to import excel or CSV to MSSQL database. not to extract only...
any idea...???


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