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clip an uploaded song?

[eluser]newbie boy[/eluser]
really, how sad...

[eluser]newbie boy[/eluser]

by the way...

i am the web host...

[eluser]newbie boy[/eluser]
i had this error when i install again the ffmpeg...

unable to find a suitable output format for 'ui'


[eluser]newbie boy[/eluser]
this one works...

exec('C:\ffmpeg\ffmpeg -t 30 -acodec copy -i C:\music\input_song.mp3 C:\music\output_song.mp3');

but when i'm passing the audio file to a variable like...

exec('C:\wamp\bin\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg -t 30 -acodec copy -i $inputfile $outputfile')

it doesn't work...

appreciate the help guys...

It's because you're using single quotes, which means it takes the literal string, instead of the value of any variables
Either use double quotes or use string concatenation

Just an idea for you to try. Perhaps you can grab the data of the mp3 using file_get_contents() (or read_file() if using the file helper) and simply trim the length down to a certain amount and save the file. My guess is it will probably corrupt it but you never know it could work. Worth a shot and it would be an easy solution if it works!

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