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looking for an AJAX FTP thing

Ni hao,

I would like to have a comfortable ftp-browser/editor to be installed on my webserver.
It should help me to browser through the php-files and edit (multiple) files.

I know there are some rather oldfashioned scripts available.

Anyone knows some modern tool with ajax - drag&drop;and all the trendy comfortable goodies :-)

Or better have the vi cheatsheet in the pocket? How do you ensure you can access your applications files when e.g. beein on holidays and there is this famous call from the client...

Greetings to all Igniters,

There are some screen captures in forum threads on the EXT forums showing Windows Explorer-like applications for handling Directory/File structures using drag and drop approaches. I'm not sure if anyone has posted any actual code examples. EXT feaures a set of drag and drop widgets and supports an adapter system allowing different AJAX libraries to be used in conjunction with EXT.



I thought there was at least one Explorer-like sample application:


This is based on EXT JS. It can be used to access files directories or FTP area.

[eluser]Peter Goodman[/eluser]
Something like this: http://ioreader.com/2007/06/13/php5-ajax...-uploader/ ?

thanks so much esra and peter, the etxPlorer seems to be exactly what I am looking for!!!!

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