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retrieve multiple varibles from Input classs

Is there a way to retrieve multiple variables from the Iput class?
Eg. I have random amount of checkboxes named ckeckbox_1, checkbox_2 .... checkbox_150 and so on
Is there a way to use the Input class in order to cycle through the post data and detect their status?

Thank you in advance for your time and effort

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
You can use a for loop for that, but I would prefer to do it this way.

<label>Something: </label>
&lt;?php echo form_input('checkbox[]');?&gt;
<label>Something Else: </label>
&lt;?php echo form_input('checkbox[]');?&gt;
<label>Something again: </label>
&lt;?php echo form_input('checkbox[]');?&gt;

Then in your controller:

foreach($this->input->post('checkbox') as $value)
   echo $value;

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