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Problems with spaces and in the URL

Hi Guys.

I have a little problem and want to figure out if this is a codeigniter problem.

I have programmed an app.
I have services in a database and want to access a service (viewing details of it) by passing the service name via url (as an normal codeigniter paramter) like:
http://my.domain.com/index.php/controller/function/My Service Name

Normally I want to put the Service Name url-encoded like:
http://my.domain.com/index.php/controller/function/My% 20Service% 20Name

For this I use the php function rawurlencode:

But what I get from codeigniter (or apache, I donĀ“t really know) is a url like above without encoded spaces:
http://my.domain.com/index.php/controller/function/My Service Name

When I type in a URL with "% 20" for a space I get the site and in the URL I see it not encoded.
I never saw this before when working with codeigniter.
So I want to ask you if you have also something of these problems and if this is a codeigniter behaviour (and when: can I change it and where?) or the problems source somewhere else?

Thanks for your suggestions! Smile


Sorry I forgot to put a space after each '%' because the board softwaer converts "% 20" (without space) into a normal space. Now you can see my problem. Smile

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