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Problems with my Image Model - Image upload, thumbnail creation, etc

Hi everybody,

For the past few months I have been creating, amond other things, a CI based image manager / Gallry app / Flickr Alternative for personal use.

I am advancing fairely slowly, here is my Image Model.

Now for some reason, sometimes it workes, sometimes it doesn't and I don't understand why; I have a couple semi-obvious semi-confirmed theories:

- When it doesn't work, it stops working when creating the thumbnail (line 245)
- I think the problem has to do with the class variable $_metadata

I have been stuck on this for four days now, and I can't manage to solve the problem, still trying. I don't get any error messages (even in the logs - I removed the @ signs that are before the rename method calls too but that didn't change anything), it just returns FALSE at some point and the execution stops.

Can anybody try to help me please?

If you need any additional code, just as and I'll post it online.

Thank you,

Aziz Light

I have got a good image library...which performs all operations...resizing, thumbnail generation...this may help you...i feel you don't need a model for such kind of operation...pls provide your email address and i'll mail you the script Smile

[eluser]Ben Edmunds[/eluser]
Any chance at a working(semi-working at least) example and the source.

It'd help troubleshoot this a lot.

Aniket I'll send you an email address via PM.

Ben, I pasted the source in my first post...it doesn't fit in one post so I put it on stikked: http://stikked.com/view/99321920

The code I pasted is more than semi working, it's almost completely working (it works about 60% of the time). I probably just have to add one or two lines of code to make it fully functional..

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