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[Solved] Call to a member function result_array() on a non-object


Ok folks , Found the issue. Seems in the table i was trying to view a field had its data type set to nvarchar. PHP MSSQL in general hates this datatype. Switching it to just varchar fixes the issues. Just as a heads up for future ref nvarchar bad, varchar good.

Big Grin


OK I have found just about every post on here about this error or a version of it and have yet to find an answer. So up goes the post SmileAny Help/insights would be very welcome.
I have not posted the view as it is a tad large but if you need it let me know.

Here is what i have going on.
If I change the table used from fc_AddressRequests -> fc_AddressRequests_View it works fine. The table does exist and if i take the SQL created by CI and run it against the Db out side of CI it returns a result fine. I have this problem with many of the query methods such as num_rows().

[Error Received]
Fatal error: Call to a member function result_array() on a non-object in C:\Inetpub\Vesta\Dev\system\application\models\FieldCheck\findicoms_model.php on line 72


68    function con_getfieldcheck($ID){
69        $this->load->database('default', TRUE);
70        $this->db->where('ID',$ID);
71        $query =  $this->db->get('fc_AddressRequests');
72        return $query->result_array();
74    }


54    function viewID($FCID)
55    {
56        $EID = substr($_SERVER["AUTH_USER"], -7);
58        $this->output->enable_profiler(TRUE);
59        $data = array(
60        'Results'    => $this->findicoms_model->con_getfieldcheck($FCID),
61        'StatusValues'    => $this->findicoms_model->con_getStatus()
62        );
63        $this->load->view('FieldCheck/FC_view.php',$data);
64    }

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