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Just Launched My 200th Site On A Single CodeIgniter Installation

[eluser]Jay Logan[/eluser]
What an awesome framework.

Can you provide some details on that please? I'm building an app right now that I'm hoping will be able to serve hundreds of different sites/domains through one Codeigniter application.

Do you have multiple apps all sharing the same CI install? Or is it one app like what I'm working on that just responds to different domains? Are they all running on one server? Or even better, can you describe your server environment? I'm looking to get a beefy VPS but I honestly don't know what my upper limits will be with it so it would be great to hear from someone with experience.


[eluser]Jay Logan[/eluser]
Just one app that responds differently based on the domains. Each domain is a separate hosting account under my reseller plan with HostGator. This is so I can benefit from the different IP's in which they assign (SEO purposes). I think they are now distributing me 6 different IP's.

On my primary domain is where CI is. Every other site simply has an index.php with the following code:


I think I had to set certain files or folders to have certain permissions. Can't remember exactly what though.

Routing is controlled via a database so I can create SEO friendly URL's easily. I can even give the illusion of HTML, PHP, ASP, or whatever file extensions I want. It doesn't matter.

There are lots of other little cool things like the API, dynamic breadcrumbs, I load the Zend framework to use GData and automatically add sites to my Google Webmaster Tools, I have a library that creates the accounts in cPanel and lots of other stuff. I just wish I was better with AJAX and web design because I'm using a template for the backend that I've just outgrown.

I'm more than willing to share code if anybody is interested. Holler at me.

A lot of the things you listed off are exactly what I'm planning on doing. I'm going to create a wrapper for the NameCheap api that will allow me to purchase and point domains at my host through my app. Then using the CPanel api, I can park those newly purchased domains. Then I just run a function on all public facing controller actions that checks which domain is being called and loads the appropriate data.

You mentioned GData...I've been looking around for ways to dynamically add new sites to analytics so that I don't have to manually go in and do it each time. For now, I was planning on using CURL to do it but that's never fun and if there's a library out there that Google supports I'd like to use that, I just haven't found anything yet. Do you know if you add new sites to Analytics with GData api's?

So I'm basically doing the same thing as you, just instead of separate hosting accounts, I'm just parking the domains on the same hosting account. Less SEO love but easy with the api.

You wanna chat on IM? Seems like we both have our heads wrapped around the same problems. Hit me up if you want on GChat, [email protected]

[eluser]Jay Logan[/eluser]
I used parked domains at first but after a while, I started noticing my all my domains wouldn't show in the list. And plus the IP address thing. But also, if I even want to expand and give out e-mail addresses for a particular domain or using AWStats or FTP stuff etc. That's later down the line though.

For GData I don't use Google Analytics. I created my own analytics system because I want to track leads and other information from users that would be too much of a pain to work with in Google. I only use Google Webmaster Tools so when I add a new site it automatically adds that site to GWT as well. Trying to make it auto-verify now.

My dream would be to have an API to register domains or edit nameservers or whatever. But before I was hired, they decided on GoDaddy and we have too many domains to switch to somewhere else.

[eluser]Devon Lambert[/eluser]

Can you share some of this code.

I am building out something that seems identical and I would love to see how you accomplished it all.

I am working on the admin dashboard first and will then work on the individual sites as well, but I want the ease to create a site and have it up and running within minutes.

I know it's feasible, just need a good starting point.


[quote author="J-Slim" date="1261176317"]
I'm more than willing to share code if anybody is interested. Holler at me.[/quote]

would be interested to see the code ..

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