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Codeigniter GUI project V2

[eluser]Blaze Boy[/eluser]
i have designed vunsy kernel months ago ... and the overall feedback is that it needs more development
and i figured out that dojo has a time killing loading time ... low performance
so i think EXTjs would be a good gui for the application
well i made a fast prototype of what it will be the next generation of vunsy

rootusername = root
rootpassword = toor

methodPage --> method page executer
ajaxPage --> method ajax executer

-theme library config
pagetitle = ''
theme = "default"

-view( $page )
-edit( $page )
-rss( $page )
-method( $page, $id, $method )
-ajax( $id, $method )

- XMLRPC server (invent API for vunsy)


-extending loader
-load->theme('file',object,[TRUE,FALSE] )

-html helper extension :
-tag(array) --> can render arrays with key==TAG
-tag( string, [tag]) wrap string within <tag> and </tag>
-tag( string, [starttag], [endtag] ) wrap string within start and endtag
-div(object-array, 'attr'-array(attr1,attr2)
-div_attr( attr array, string-content)
-table($head,$body[])--&gt; tabular array of objects or assoc arrays

-theme :
-theme_load() --&gt; deprecation for the loader->theme()
-theme_url($themefile)--&gt;return full url of the themefile
-theme_title( ['html'|'string'] ) --&gt; getter only
-theme_sitename( [string] ) --&gt; work as setter and getter
-theme_pagetitle( [string] ) --&gt; work as setter and getter
-theme_add(string|array) --&gt; adds css, js, blocks
-theme_meta() --&gt; return meta tags (adder and getter)
-theme_css() --&gt; return the css tags block (adder and getter)
-theme_js() --&gt; javascript block (adder and getter)
-theme_head() --&gt; return all the head block (css+[js]+title+meta)
-theme_foot() --&gt; js of foot (if js at foot specified)

-auth :
-auth_var($var, $value) --&gt; add variable
-auth_bool($var) --&gt; add boolean variable
-auth_array() --&gt; return array['opers'=[],'bool'=[],'vars'=[]]

----note: make some modefication for the old classes
-page --&gt; the same as vunsy1 section class
-published field required

-content extends datamapper
- take the same class of vunsy1
- get_widget()
- widgetAutoloader( $class )

-constructor($content) -> loads language file
-data --&gt; data values
-lang --&gt; language file name
-content --&gt; instance of content record object
-publicAPI --&gt; array of public function names
-cell = 0 --&gt; number or widget cells and replaced with array in running
-config() --&gt; return required fields
-init() --&gt; initialization code for the widget
-view() --&gt; return widget output in view mode
-edit() --&gt; return widget output in edit mode the default action is view()
-add() --&gt; add event
-delete() --&gt; delete
-save() --&gt;save action

-user --&gt; the same as vunsy1

-usergroup --&gt; the same as vunsy1 userlevel

-themes folder (views)
-default (default theme)
-widgets folder (models)
-assets --&gt; common javascript, css, images, video ..etc
-uploads folder--&gt; writable

i need you reviews and ideas to build a good gui for codeigniter guys

You shouldn't give up on dojo so easily. Ext (which isn't even Ext anymore) is a beast with an overhead as well. And Ext isn't free for commercial users. Granted they have a more mature portal style display, but dojo isn't far behind as far as that's concerned (see Shane O'Sullivan's portlets).

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