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Dedicated thread for Country, maybe?

Was wondering if its possible to have a dedicated thread or sub-forum with country specific threads.

It would act as a contact point to develop a local community for any country. Just a thought Smile

This question has come up before. Specifically, someone wanted to have a foreign language subforum on this one.

I discussed it with the council, and our conclusion was that it would be appropriate to promote external groups or forums, but not to give each their own subforum here, and to maintain English as the forum language.

For now, I encourage you to post such links in the lounge forum (here). The news & announcements forum might be appropriate for a newly launched venture. If there are enough such notices, I would gladly create a subforum for them.

One thing: this forum is English only. If you want to have a Klingon CI group, with all your material in Klingon, fine - jsut make sure that any posts on this forum relating to that external group are in English Smile

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Noted with thanks ciadmin. Clear on the language restrictions & will move forward with the announcement of my local CI venture once am ready.

There is a new forum, "General/Regional User Groups", specifically to promote related groups or sites Smile

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