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Domain Certificate Scam - Please read

A while ago i posted a domain (minecraftstatus.info) on ebay and Sedo in order to sell it.
Yesterday a guy (Domain Broker) contacted me and asked me for the price. I was very excited and after his replay i was even more! See why..

The first e-mail:
Quote:[email protected]
8:22 μ.μ. (Πριν από 21 ώρες)
[Image: cleardot.gif]
προς Εμένα
[Image: cleardot.gif]


I have a request from my buyer for purchasing minecraftstatus.info.

My client has six-figure budget for 65-67 domains. He invests in domains with good potential almost every month.

Please email me your desired price.

How can we transfer money to you (escrow, wire transfer or Western Union)?

I provide brokerage services for domain buyers and sellers. If you have more domains for sale please email me the list with prices.

Andrew Waltman, Ph. D.
Vice President | Investor Relations | Domain Trade Association
Gordon Avenue 7

So i answered with 2 more domain offers since he asked for more!

Quote:Meletis Flevarakis <[email protected]>
11:11 μ.μ. (Πριν από 18 ώρες)

προς dns.request

[ltr]Dear Andrew,
Thank you for contacting me. I am proud that there is interest in the particular domain and I would be very happy to send you my offers:
$185 US Dollars *
$75 US Dollars *
$75 US Dollars *

*please note that the price is negotiable as long as client’s opinion stays within a reasonable limit
As for the payment methods, I can only accept payments either through PayPal or Western Union.
I look forward to hearing from you,
Yours sincerely,
Meletis Flevarakis

He wasn't interested because THE PRICE WAS TOO LOW! But as a good guy he told me to increase the price to 5000$ 

Quote:Domain Broker
10:48 μ.μ. (Πριν από 18 ώρες)
[Image: cleardot.gif]

προς Εμένα
[Image: cleardot.gif]

[ltr]I'm not interested in transactions under $1000. My client pays me 10%-15% on every sale.

May I suggest to change your price to $5000? In this case I will earn a better commission.

I hope you understand my business model better now.
I've made a small research on your domain. Your domain has no offers. It's not a good sign but I can help you to get a professional certification for your domain with a good independent appraisal. These certificates make rich buyers to pay good bucks for even average names.

If you accept my conditions let's proceed with the sale.

Too good to be true!
Unfortunately for him i know how to use Google and i found some VERY interesting results!

But wait! This guy over the internet told me that if i buy the ICANN Certified Appraisal
i will get 5K$. I should tru him right?

So this is my responce:
Quote:Meletis Flevarakis <[email protected]>
11:57 μ.μ. (Πριν από 17 ώρες)
[Image: cleardot.gif]
προς Domain

[ltr]Thanks for helping me out. Please let me know how i can get a appraisal certificate.[/ltr]

He wants to help me  Heart
Quote:Domain Broker
1:29 π.μ. (Πριν από 16 ώρες)
[Image: cleardot.gif]
[Image: cleardot.gif]
προς Εμένα
[Image: cleardot.gif]

I can help you with instructions. It's an easy process. Before we proceed you should provide my client with the domain certificate from Domain Tools Certifications 

It will take only 2 minutes of your time to order it. If you have any questions during the certification please feel free to ask for my help. I'm very motivated to finish this deal.


[Image: jbAoY1a.png]

Very Legit. WOW! Such certificate.

Just 50 euros and i could  get 5K$ awesome!
Scaming people like a boss! The next time someone offers you 5K for a worthless domain just dont...

But how do i sell a domain?

First of all use a good broker. Even ebay does the job! 

Using ebay:
Here you can sell safely for much more lower fees than the next site.

Using a broker like Sedo:
Sedo is the best way to sell a domain. It has features like bids and ads which you can earn money when someone visits the listed domain.

If anyone offer you a business that only gets you money back after you pay first to him its crap and spam ;o)


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