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URL/URI problem [Solved]

Hello everyone.

I got a controller called main, that has a function:
function test($name)
        echo $name;
As simple as this.
Now, I have my fancy URL's but if I go to example.com/main/test/FileName-_-Whatever_Strng-Here_0.0.1.zip,
what shows up is:


Which means it converts the dots to underscores.. but I have no clue why. My uri permitted chars are as default (which means .'s are allowed).

EDIT: I also talked to people on IRC channel, some guy tried this out and told me works fine for him. So I suspect it's Apache or PHP related.

So.. what could it be?

(Trim filename while uploading or saving. Most systems don't like more than one point because they are usily seperator between file_name and format.)
If it would show up the string with points it would mean subdomains. Just trim it while download(or alike).

Is this a help?

I'm not really clear what you are doing, but have a look here:


@Jan: Yeh I guess I'll have to filter out filenames upon insertion. I'm gonna use id's and a database instead. Thanks Smile

@jmadsen: Hehe, the issue isn't solved in there, thanks for replying though.

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