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"Include" a CodeIgniter app into a regular site

I'm wondering if it's possible to create a small, portable CodeIgniter app - such as a REST client - and have it be "included" into a normal PHP site for use, to make calls to and such. Hope that's clear. It's probably something fairly straightforward, but just wondered if anyone has attempted that yet.


No problem.. Just create the app and upload it to a server and code your site to work with it.

The problem is is that I didn't code the other site. I'm trying to retro-fit the site to work with the CodeIgniter app.

Any thoughts?

Just install it to a subfolder of the site and thats it. CI will only work from that folder and the rest of the site works like before.

So then how would I reference controllers in the CI app from the regular site?

Sorry, tell me if I'm totally missing something here...

There was great tutorial "Working with RESTful Services in CodeIgniter" by Philip Sturgeon on nettuts. Check that out.

Sorry I hastly read your first post and possibly misunderstood. I thought you were wondering if it is possible for CI to live side-by-side with your other site.

That's an awesome tutorial. Unfortunately it doesn't cover what I'm asking.

I know CodeIgniter can live side-by-side, I was just hoping there was a way they could communicate with each other.

Thanks anyway!

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