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White page redirec JS in IE8

hi! i debug my app using firefox and safari anbd all works fine!! but today i chaek the page whit IE8 or IE7.. and have a problem... f·$%&% IE8 and Mocosoft..

So.. i search a item.. and send the data via ajax.. if the result its ok.. i redirect using location.href in the function JS i FF and all browser shome the result page.. but in IE.. show the page result in blank! no information but if i see the source code i see all code in the page!!!


thanks Smile

well, that's not a solution (by elimination the failure), but it might help : try location.reload() or location.reload(true).

can you post your code? you could try window . location . href..
somehow browsers sometimes don't recognize a method, but a global object like window is always understood.


thanks. but i use many hours for find the problem.. its asociated an include what firefox understand fine but IE dont.. Confused i resolve the problem.xd

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