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CI error handler not handling PHP errors

Hi all,

For some reason CodeIgniter does not seem to be handling or logging any PHP errors that occur within my application. Errors that occur within CI, db errors, ect are displayed and logged just fine, but PHP errors are displayed with the built in PHP error handler and do not seem to be passed to CI's error handler function at all.

error_reporting() in my index.php is currently set to E_ALL and in CodeIgniter.php set_error_handler() is set to '_exception_handler' which i checked in Common.php and looks just fine.

I also have my logging threshold set to 1, so all php errors should be logging as well, (logs directory is writeable, as other CI error messages are being logged fine).

Anyone know what could be causing the CI error handler from being ignored by PHP?

Codeigniter can not catch fatal errors and mysql errors.

[quote author="Sbioko" date="1266289653"]Codeigniter can not catch fatal errors and mysql errors.[/quote]
No, no, I don't mean fatal or mysql errors, sorry if I wasn't clear enough. I'm just talking about basic php errors such as parse errors if a semicolon is missing, ect.

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