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(11-18-2014, 02:51 AM)DreamOfSleeping Wrote: But if I use code igniter am I just delaying the real learning? . . . But then am I just delaying the inevitable of being confused about installing a more complicated framework?

If you mean the real learning about PHP and coding, I would say definitely not. As far as frameworks go, Code Igniter is very non-intrusive. It gives you the framework, but you still have to code everything in PHP. And one of the things I like best about Code Igniter is that it doesn't require you to learn a templating language.

About Code Igniter delaying the inevitable confusion in using a more complicated framework, I wouldn't worry about that. Who says you ever have to use a more complicated framework? People were using PHP without any framework a decade ago to create very complex websites, and there's nothing about Code Igniter that limits it to simple websites. In any case, learning Code Igniter will make moving to other frameworks less confusing.

Try to get over your cold feet. Don't get "Analysis Paralysis." Setup Code Igniter and get to work on it. Give it a month or two. Doubt is understandable, but it's not like you're getting married.  Big Grin

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