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[Solved] URI display differs from URL text

The text in the address bar differs from the text displayed by uri->segment(). For instance, this is what appears in the address bar of my browser:


But if I retrieve the third segment with $this->uri->segment(3) it displays:


Notice the periods changed to underscores. How can I prevent this?

I am not sure , but for my info , what's encrypted in there ?
Are you aware that even that info is encrypted , it can be readed ?

Check out this forum thread : http://ellislab.com/forums/viewthread/114218/
The answer is in reply #10.
It seems that on some PHP configurations, the server will convert incoming uri information into something that can be used as a variable name (?!)
That will screw things up. So the uri is really changed even before CodeIgniter gets to it.
The solution is to change your path info settings. See the link above.

Good to know! Thanks for letting me know. Also, if somebody else has this issue, I encoded to base64 before passing values to the URL and it also worked. I think base64 does not use periods. More info on that here: http://ellislab.com/forums/viewthread/109429/

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