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Modified profiler to show session data


I've just downloaded OB Session (which is brilliant) and during my initial tinkering, I wanted the profiler to display the session data so I could keep track of what I was doing.

Now, just to warn you, it's a bit messy and I provide this with a "use at your own risk" warning! Smile

Currently, it will display the userdata, and session data separately, with their own headings under the fieldset 'SESSION DATA'. It also colours new and old flash data red and green respectively, so you can keep an eye on that. It also supports the native CodeIgniter session library, too, and will switch to a more basic view if it can't find OB Session (currently tested for by checking for the 'ro_userdata' method, which I realise is a bit of a bodged way of doing it, but hey, it works for my needs!)

Again, this was just for my purposes, just found it useful so I thought I'd upload it. Just drop the 'Profiler.php' file into your application/libraries folder and add the extra language-file lines to language/english/profiler_lang.php

I hope it works ok :-S

Direct file link: session_profiler.zip

Wiki Page: http://codeigniter.com/wiki/Session_Profiler/

I appreciate that, i love to be able to have much information possible when i have profiler running.

thanks for taking time to do that.

No problem, I'm glad someone will find it useful :-)

I think session data in the profiler is very important, but when you write a library to add the functionality, should you not extend it instead of overwriting it?

Also, they're looking for implementation in this bug: https://bitbucket.org/ellislab/codeignit...er-section

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