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CodeIgniter 2.0

Hello All,

is there a schedule / deadline for the CodeIgniter 2.0 release ?
does someone have information about this ?


It will most likely be released when it's ready, and that's about as close to a deadline we'll get. Follow development on http://bitbucket.org/ellislab/codeigniter/.

I sure can't wait for CI2. CI is the best framework IMO Big Grin

CI is far the most suitable framework I saw (for kind of things I must achieve).
Now I must start a new project,..., but I fear.
I fear because if I start it with CI 1.7.x this branch, I presume, will be not developped anymore after CI2.0 (and will be dropped?)
And then I will have to migrate from CI1.7 to CI2 on a complex project.
And I fear about that.
Moreover thanks to erik.brannstrom's link (lot of good information) I'm unable to determine clearly a date for CI delivery.
So I'm in the mist.
(So I search a new framework, like Yii or Koahna3.0 but for this last one I was very disapointed about the manner this framework is managed)
But clearly I would prefer to stay in the area of CI

If you are happy with the way CI functions right now, why would you HAVE to move the project to CI2.0? You could just keep this project on 1.7.
I think it is silly to start with a different framework just because the current one might get updated. If it's okay for you now, it will be okay to use for this project. Just start with 2.0 in the first project after 2.0 comes out!

What will become the 1.7 branch when 2.0 will come ?
Will maintenance stay available for those branch or every team effort will go to the new version.
In such a case appear, one who started project with 1.7.x and who have bug will stay alone and will be forced to move to 2.0
Moving a product (and there will be a huge stuff to move it and test it) is somewhat difficult and time consuming.
It is not silly to consider all perspectives before starting a project of several month of development.
In your response you don't give any hints about those perspectives (maintenance ...)

Isn't that logical?

That's how it works when new versions are released, support for old versions is dropped.

CI 2.0 is virtually a slot-in replacement for 1.7.2, only a few small changes. We have a very non-standard setup (with our own modular system, and lots of core modifcations and extensions) for ExiteCMS, and it took me less than an hour to make the modifications required to get 2.0 running.

For instance : Kohana 2.0 is very different from 3.0.
It is not a "linear" release, but a branch.
That's I want avoid.
Usually going from 1.x to 1.y is quite easy because it has to correct or improve something but the structure is not modified.
And for sure migration in this area is quite easy (ok, it depends,...but often easy).
But if you said me that migration from 1.7.x to 2.0 is "quite" natural and easy I believe you.
By reading some drafts about 2.0 I didn't have this feeling.
Is there a C2.0 available ?

You can get CI 2.0 from BitBucket, the 'get source' link.

I did a migration test simply by deleting the contents of the system directory, copying the CI system directory in (my 'application' is outside the system directory).

The amount of conversion work greatly depends on the amount of modifications and CI extensions you have.

If you have none, the only change is that your models now extend CI_Model instead of Model (same perhaps in the future for Controller). If you have extended libraries, you might have to move some, as in 2.0 there's a split between core libraries and other libraries (2 directories). If you have modified CI core code, you have to dive into the code and check if your changes are still relevant, and if so, if they still work as intended.

I agree that an upcoming upgrade is not a reason to not use 1.7.2 even though I understand the concern. Aside from WanWizard's comment above, Phil Sturgeon also posted an upgrade guide on his blog (http://philsturgeon.co.uk/news/2010/05/u...gniter-2.0). 2.0 is still an upgrade and not a full rewrite, so you'll most likely be okay.

And regarding the release.. For all we know the final product might take another year since the guys at EllisLab probably has got a lot on their plates with their commercial products, so don't hold your breath. Though hopefully we'll see it out sooner than that.

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