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Station ID - more than IP


I am working on internal CodeIgniter application where users login only from our network (we are on dedicated IP and application is checking $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] and if is match our IP go thru if not - Bye

However how I can identify from which station user is login ?
Using cookie not gonna work - those are windows station working under control MS StedyState and all cookies are deleted every login
I don't need nothing fancy like full MAC address just any unique ID (can not be application username - because users use different stations)

Any ideas ?
Maybe Javascript is able to grab some Unique detail from station's browser (IE 8) and pass this as hidden input?


[eluser]Burak Guzel[/eluser]
If the computers have a Windows Media Player older than version 9, you can use this: http://www.computerbytesman.com/privacy/...iedemo.htm
Some people might consider that an exploit though.

Computers are not meant to be uniquely identified over the Internet, as it is a privacy issue. Otherwise, websites could use these unique ID's and trade info about surfers with each other. (They try to do it already of course, with cookies and IP's, but there is no reliable way).

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