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CodeIgniter lost my session

And what else did you change? Because a different session library doesn't change the interaction with the browser, which is were your problem was.


Where did you get that wisdom? Native (= file based) sessions are only (significantly) faster if you take additional measures, like memcache or ram disks. Native sessions slow down quite rapidly once the number of session files start to grow. With the database you can have hunderds of thousands of session records, without noticable impact on performance.

Offcourse you need a decent platform, it's not going to work on a shared server for $5/month. But then again, you wouldn't want to run a high traffic website on such a platform.

[eluser]Lokut Da[/eluser]
Hi WanWizard...

I changed class Session to class Native Session, and everything work fine Smile

U know, the $_SESSION variable don't need a cookie to work.



And why not? How do you pass the session_id to the client (and back with the next request) if you don't use cookies? The Native Session library (from the Wiki) definately uses a session cookie:
// sessions engine should run on cookies to minimize opportunities
// of session fixation attack
ini_set('session.use_only_cookies', 1);

session_start() creates the session cookie, using cookie parameters defined in php.ini, which are exactly the same parameters as CI's session library uses. If you can configure that properly, you can also configure the CI library properly, so I still don't see a valid reason to switch.

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