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image upload

While uploadg image its showg error..

you're going to need to be a lot more detailed then that. I'm only responding cuz I am bored/its late/and the push to live is taking a while.

Give some examples of the error, and of the code that produced it.


$data['id'] = $this->input->post('id');
$data['query'] = $this->member_model->entry_add();

$config['upload_path'] = 'uploads/';
$config['allowed_types'] = 'gif|jpg|jpeg|png';
$config['max_size'] = '1000';
$config['max_width'] = '1920';
$config['max_height'] = '1280';
$this->load->library('upload', $config);

echo ""; //echo $this->upload->display_errors();
else {
$fInfo = $this->upload->data();
//echo '<pre>'; print_r($fInfo); echo '</pre>'; $fInfo['file_name'];
$data['uploadInfo'] = $fInfo;
$data['thumbnail_name'] = $fInfo['raw_name'] . '_thumb' . $fInfo['file_ext'];
//$this->load->view('view_1', $data);


what is the error you are getting?

and if you can add some comments into the code that would help us understand what the model call entry_add() is supposed to do... for example

&lt;?php $Fdata = array('name' => 'mem_photo', 'class' => 'file');
echo form_upload($Fdata);?&gt;
The problm s the value n the file upload (view page) s not gettg n the model page

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