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Session->set_flashdata Doesn't Work After Database Query

Ok - I found the solution. It had to do with overlapping Active Record calls.

See, I had a bunch of items in my database, and was deleting them while I was testing this form... and I was running out of things to delete (so I worked in favour of "pretending" to delete ads, rather than having to repopulate the database)... My code in my Ad_model looked like this:

function delete_record($table,$id)
    if ( ! in_array($table,array('tbl1','tbl2','tbl3'))) return 0;

    $login_data = $this->session->userdata('login_data');

    // The following 2 lines were the problem - I was setting an active record "where" clause
    // but never using it, so it poisoned the session model's active record query.
    return TRUE; // inserted for debugging
    // when I flipped the above two statements around, it fixed the problem, since the where
    // clause was not getting executed anymore

    return $this->db->delete($table,array('id'=>$id));

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