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How to learn CI

Hai i'm soeharyo,i need help. I'm newbie how way to learn CI.Sorry my englsih bed.

I learned CI by watching Nettuts+ screencasts.


(11-23-2014, 04:23 PM)soeharyo Wrote: Hai i'm soeharyo,i need help. I'm newbie how way to learn CI.Sorry my englsih bed.

Hi, Soeharyo.

I recently asked a similar question in this thread.

Learning CI on its own is useless.  

To truly learn, you need to have a fundamental understanding of PHP.  

1) Go read the manual (google it) and learn the api.  
2) Check out the CI manual and go through it.
3) Make some projects for yourself.  The more experience you have of starting and finishing projects the better.
4) Can you mock up a demo in a few days?  Finish a project in a few weeks/month?  Can you take someone elses code and fix some bugs, add features?  

If you can do 4, then you have come far  Cool

Hi Soeharyo.

The best way would be to first learn some basic programming. If you know nothing about programming, find a PHP environment and start learning these things --
  • Variables and variable types.
  • Conditional execution (IF-ELSE statements)
  • Logical operations (this OR that AND the other)
  • Operator precedence (why 2 + 2 / 2 equals 3 and not 2)
  • Loops (doing the same thing over and over until something else happens)
  • Arrays (a special kind of variable)
  • Functions
You can install PHP on your own computer, but you can also find PHP that you can run online. Try this search link: https://www.google.com/search?q=run+php+online

After you learn some PHP by itself, then try to mix it in with your HTML. For example, you could try building some kind of calculator or converter on a website. This is simple and does not require a database.

And then I think you are ready to learn Codeigniter. By then, you will know PHP well enough that you can focus on how Codeigniter works instead of trying to learn programming, PHP, and Codeigniter all at the same time. Good luck and ask us for help whenever you need it!  Smile

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