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What CI friendly text editor do you use?

(12-02-2014, 07:36 PM)RobertSF Wrote: Well, it's not CI-friendly in the sense of being CI-aware, but I've used Notepad++ with the unofficial XDebug plug in. It's light and fast but a little buggy.

I'd like to mention CodeLobster, a free IDE that has a premium module that understands CI. I haven't bought that premium module, but I can still edit and debug CI files. I just don't get autocomplete.

To me, debugging support trumps everything else. But of course, I prefer free to paid. I code as a hobby, not as a profession.

phpstorm is CI Friendly if you use the corresponding @property in your class headers phpdoc block ,

Say if you are using $this->load and $this->db ( with active records ) you simply add in 
PHP Code:
 * <Your other documentation>
 * @property CI_Loader           load
 * @property CI_DB_active_record db

Now some might say 'Oh No DO I have to put that in every file where I use the loader and active DB" and the answer is Yes! Get over yourself!
There are "solutions" where you can plonk in files with all the CI bits and pieces already declared but I never got it working and am very happy to put the declarations in each and every file where required! To me, that makes sense!

IDE's use phpdocs for a reason! And phpstorm ( I cant speak for the others ) uses phpdocs extensively for your params and returns and vars etc. 

If you declare @param string $my_var and phpstorm detects you are using it as an array... It Highlights it as a warning.

I've enabled phpstorm to "bitch" at me if I've not declared phpdocs for anything that requires them, forcing me to Document my code correctly.

If I'm buried in some controller I can get auto_suggest working, if I need to see the params I can view them with Ctrl P. If I want to see what the "thing in question"  returns I can Ctrl Q and read my ( or the existing one in other's code) phpdoc telling me all about it. 

PHPstorm is One powerful IDE... It's FREE for Students and Teachers in Uni's like BCIT.

And if you've got the $99 USD to buy it, It'll be the best thing you've ever bought!

So there's my 20 cents worth!

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