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What CI friendly text editor do you use?

(12-05-2014, 07:29 PM)no1youknowz Wrote: Why are people asking for CI friendly?  Haven't you learned PHP?

Are you unable to code from memory that you need shortcuts provided by the editor?

This makes you a poor coder in my opinion.  This limits you from actually learning the API and knowing how to properly code.

I use sublime text 3.  I don't need it to be CI friendly.  Seeing as I use my own classes, frameworks and code with multiple languages.

Well the short answer is - we all use what works for us!

I used to be an old school text editor user with the same view you have. Why use something fancy like an IDE?

In my case, I've got a memory like a sieve these days so I need all the help I can get.
If I have something that reminds me that a parameter I've specified isn't being used, or a variable I'm using may not be getting assigned due to the code execution or I can't remember the return type or parameters ( which I'm sure you have to look up on occasion ) or that a part of the code isn't executable... Or I'm using the wrong variable type as a parameter and on and on...

These things are good to know before you need to "discover" these during debug.

To have something that's performing these checks "live" is something I consider to be "Very useful"!

It's also very good for analysing others code very quickly as I deal with lots of scripts written by those whose PHP skills are not quite up there!

You still have to know how to Program AND use PHP!

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