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Authentication, enough already!

This topic has got way out of hand!!

We. the community, are not likely to agree on anything "auth" in the next decade.

Authentication, or whatever you chose to call it, will *not* be part of CI3 or likely CI4 - there are too many perspectives and opinions to reach consensus Sad

Once we have a clearer vision for CI3 and CI4, and once clearer heads prevail, we *might* be able to revisit the issue, but only if we can remain civil and constructive while doing so.

I will close any threads that try to bring this up again as some soft of flamewar - there are too many other important issues that we, as a community, need to discuss and resolve!

That did get out of hand! 

Almost looks like CI needs a PR team to keep some hot heads in check Smile . Not sure how professional this forum would look for a business looking for a framework to use. 

Are you new on the internet? I think it was still very civilized! Wink

(12-01-2014, 08:24 PM)includebeer Wrote: Are you new on the internet? I think it was still very civilized! Wink

Internet? I don't use internet, I use AOL

Previous thread turned weird rather quickly.

The Anti-Auth stance could be something that keeps various people away from using CI in future since Symfony, Laravel, Yii, all have base Auth classes to use.

I think if you want to continue expanding CI use without expanding it's base code install, you need to setup a viable place to get the latest greatest libraries and plugins. Somehow keep them organized so we know which Auth comes recommended. Do you use something like Ion Auth or Flexi Auth etc.

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(11-28-2014, 09:29 PM)ciadmin Wrote: This topic has got way out of hand!!

Pot to kettle?  It was only 1 member who made the discussion heated and angry and he is on your "council".

I think you should have a word with him and tell him to be a lot calmer with the community next time.

Otherwise, it's a way to alienate this niche community.

Just my 2c.

Yep, my previous post was directed at the same 'council'. People need to be more civilized.

This is the kind of thread that should be closed after the first post or risk restarting the discussion all over again.

I close this thread because it is only a information post. thx ;o)

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