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videos show inaccurate information

for example:

CI_Controller instead of Controller

or in routes there is not scaffolding trigger?? why

Because the video's are out dated!


well new folks picking up CI for the first time will not know and it will confuse them. Should remove the videos. So is scaffolding still supported? and if so how?

[eluser]Freeze Dried Pop[/eluser]
Have to say I only moved to CI 2 weeks ago and although I found the videos useful as a first introduction, I got quickly confused when the structure of CI 2.0 was different.

At the very least a big bold message should be displayed above the videos saying that they're for an older version. I totally understand if nobodies had the time to do another video yet and that they're still useful, but avoiding that initial confusion would be useful.

Just my 2 pennies as a newbie Smile

You can still download older versions of CodeIgniter that will work with the video's


i guess you dont get it.

What do you mean I guess you don't get it?

If you want to use the video's either convert the code or download a version of CodeIgniter that will work with the video's

And scaffolding is gone in CI 2.0.1

Until some wants to spend their time making new video's that's the only way to do it.

I have all the software to make the video's, but not the time to make them!


all iam saying is specify the version that the tutorial is good for. Newbie might download the latest version looks at the video tutorial to get started and gets lost and decides it is too confusing. We want to make our community big not smaller.

I own learncodeigniter.com and when I have time I will put it online with video's etc.


sweet, thanks InsiteFX. If you need any help let me know.

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