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Regarding CI licence and config files


I'm working on a project based on CI that might be redistributed. The license is quite clear to me, except on one point. I hope someone can help clarify this for me.

I assume that basically every part of CI counts as "source code" since PHP isn't compiled. I do not obfuscate it either (at this time at least). Therefore condition 2 should not apply, but number 3 would:

"Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice in all source code files."

The term "source code" is a bit vague. Does this include files in the default "application" folder such as config files? Comparing config files to core system files, they do not already contain a copyright notice. Does this mean they are not "part of" CI? It seems a bit odd to me, because someone did write that code and it is distributed with CI. Manually having to add a copyright notice to every such file in every application made seems tedious.

Basically I have avoided this issue on my server by using symlinks and externals in my repository. If I have to make a change to a file, I just made a copy with a copyright notice in it, and link to that instead. So I would not have to worry, except, if I check out my application on a window server - then I lose the symlinks and copies are made instead. Frustrating! Smile (Edit: Actually, Turtoise doesn't copy, but makes some odd files with link in them)

So, back to the question - does files such as config files count as "source files"? And if so, could we please have copyright notices in them by default? Smile

No input on this? Confused

As long as you keep the license with the codeigniter folder (the system folder) it should be fine. The application folder is basically just that: a folder to store your application. It's basically boilerplate code, and you can have any number of 'applications' running from the same 'codeigniter/system' folder.

That is how I have always interpreted it. If this is wrong I would like to hear from Ellislabs.

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