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64-bit development

(Apologies for the likely re-post but it is not possible to search the forums for "64")

I'm about to buy a new computer and I want it to be 64 bit. I was wondering if there are any "gotchas" to watch out for when doing development.

I will need to get a new WAMP setup. I'm using VertrigoServ and I don't think it's got a 64 version. Which 64 WAMP do you guys recommend?

Same goes for the IDE, any 64-bit thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

No problems in 64bit development.

For editing php, html there's no need to have a 64bit editor, there would be no difference with 32bit.
I've been using netbeans in my win machine.

I don't know about wamp installations (used wamp only once). I setup AMP as standalone programs (just check that the files you are downloading are for your system - many docs in google) so as to upgrade only php or mysql or apache if needed. It might take you a little more to setup, and you have to read some docs too, but it's not that much and you get more power on your installation.

Also a hint for windows users. stop using localhost in your url. Make normal domains and subdomains that don't exist in real internet (i.e. *.local) and use your hosts file to set ie codeigniter.local

Thank you for the quick reply, osci.

Your comment on localhost is very interesting. Could you please elaborate?

The file you tamper is %windows%\system32\etc\hosts
when windows gets a request it first searches hosts file and then dns so i.e. you could have a line www.google.com
and if you typed www.google.com in your browser you would go to localhost (

so for domain codeigniter.local you would add codeigniter.com

Ok, I understand how to make the change. What I don't understand is why the tag localhost is dangerous and needs to be changed.

Sorry for the stupid question. I'm searching the net right now and getting little information on the issue.

It's not dangerous, I didn't state something like that.

Imagine you are developing sites for a.com, b.com and c.com

Would you prefer to have links like http://localhost/a/index, http://localhost/b/index or like http://a.local/index, http://b.local/index etc.

It just gets you closer to your server's path. And it's cleaner.
And I don't know for sure but some problems regarding I can't see controller/method because of some subfolder being used in localhost and haven't setup my base_url correctly, or whatever.

Hint was mainly to get you closer to the production level regarding urls.

Oops! Double apology. I misunderstood your comment completely. It goes to show my ignorance.

Thank you for taking the time to help me out.

If you decide to use XAMPP make sure you install it in the root of your hard drive on Windows! It does not like to be in a sub-folder and cause problems. Not sure is WAMP has this problem.


Thanx. I have noticed that problem if there are directories with long names or with blanks in them.

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