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[SOLVED]Can't install CodeIgniter

Hey every one,
I'm trying to install CI on a 10.04 Ubuntu desktop, not successfully until now!
I'm sure you've read that kind of post hundreds of time so thanks for reading and for help!
What has been done:
Download CI (2.0.2), and unzip in a directory somewhere inside my /home, renamed it CI.
Install LAMP through cli via sudo apt-get install lamp-server^
I got several separate directories in /etc, one for PHP, one for Apache, one Mysql, one myadmin, all separate, not in a commun /LAMP dir, and could'nt find any /htdocs anywhere...
Then I followed this article: Code Igniter On Ubuntu, this to create a s-link from www to my ../../Web (CI is inside this one)
What i have now: in my browser will display the index.html inside /www. will list what's in /Web (s-link ok) including my CI directory.
But if I call nothing occurs.
If I click CI dir. listed above, just a blank page...
I think there might be a problem with authorisations, but can't figure out.

I have read many discussions, but I just fell lost a little more...

In your shell, try to give folder access
chmod 777 /path/to/ci -r

I got rid of the problem just now but giving 711 no -r option, so i bet i'll follow your advice and modify them again.
Thanks a lot for answering!

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