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How to develop webservice in CI ?

Hi Guys, does anybody has experience on developing webservice in CI ?
Or is anybody who can give me some tips on this ? tks a million

my tip, read the documentation, follow the video tutorials and then try out some examples, we can help with problems but I think its a touch unfair to expect us to develop whole applications. First tip.. is to work out your requirements as a webservice is a very generic term.

good luck!

sorry, I think u may misunderstand me.
I've worked with CI more then a year, and one of my project need a webservice call,
so I hope anybody who can give me a sample how to develop a basic webservice server use soap

sorry, I did misunderstand you... I am writing a 'webservice' and have a controller that accepts xmlrpc and calls the appropriate models then replys back using xmlrpc, I use a private key mechanism to keep it all secure.

I use the codeigniters xmlrpc library, and the encryption library to pass keys around. don't know about using soap though.

I turn off DB_DEBUG in the config file and I catch all my database errors so I can reply back any errors in the xml rpc. I am in the process of writing a library for this and will post it up soon
$dbRet = $this->db->update($table, $data_array);
    if (!$dbRet) {
      $ret['ErrorMessage'] = $this->db->_error_message();
      $ret['ErrorNumber'] = $this->db->_error_number();
    } else {

I also document all my APIs using php doc.

[url="http://ellislab.com/forums/viewthread/60940/"](scroll to bottom of this thread for some soap examples)[/url]

tks man, I will also post my solution back once I get this done

hi guys
I was about to start the same question, how to build webservices with php/codeigniter, wsdl, xml, bla bla, etc.

What's best?
- try nusoap library posted in the wiki
- use soap functions available in php5 core
- which other technologies apart from codeigniter, soap should I use/learn ?

Thanks a lot in advance,

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