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Website taking too much time to load

[eluser]Aziz Chouhan[/eluser]
Hi Guys
I am working on a site, and its working as per coding, perfectly.

But when i do this online, sometime it takes more time to load on the page.

Don't know whats a problem, or what i did mistake.

can anyone help me, or suggest any clue/code to faster load when online.

i make this in my autoload.php
1. 5 libraries
2. 3 helpers

is it wrong any way



[eluser]Bart v B[/eluser]
what is slow loading?
how many time it's loading 1 minuet? of 1 second?
Are you using javascript?
A big load of html images?
Database connections?

Share some code, that would be helpfull or a link.
We can not say what's slowing without some more information.

Check if you have any errors in your script also all links to images are valid.

It would be a lot easier if you can supply the URL to the slow loading page.

[eluser]Aziz Chouhan[/eluser]
hi all

my site work perfectly on all link clicks.


but sometime, on a given click, it happens that site takes too much time to load, and status bar shows that

waiting for sitename......

can any body help me why.

but remain all times it works perfectly.

thanks & regards

[eluser]Bart v B[/eluser]
We will help you, but we can not see what's happening in a crystal ball.
We need an url or some code.

Have you tried using Firebug? Should show you some interesting results.

If your web server or web host's server has mod_deflate installed and enabled, you can enable it in your .htaccess file to compress the output sent to the browser. Worth a try at least.

<IfModule mod_deflate.c>
   SetOutputFilter DEFLATE

You question will remains unclear, if you didnt specify how long the Time To First Byte (TTFB) of your application. Since theres alot component which can affect your app performance, such as cache static content, text and image compressing and so on, and for sure : autoload several common resource will be on the last place on your suspect list.

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