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unable to load view from different directory

I have a multiple application setup


I want to share views between the applications. I added the 'common' package to the autoload.php, i.e.
$autoload['packages'] = array( COMMONPATH );
and I can already do this with libraries, i.e. I can do
that works just fine, but when I try to do
I get "Unable to load the requested file". If I move myview.php to the view folder under the app in which I'm using it everything works just fine.

What's wrong? Is the autoloader not looking for views in the 'common' dir even if it is added as a package? Or am I missing something trivial?


----- EDIT ----

OK after looking at the Loader.php class I see that multiple paths for views are not supported like for heplers, libraries, models etc. If CI went truly multiapp I would assume this would work but obviously that isn't the case for views.

Look in the WIKI at HMVC


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