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Where to submit an enhancement to documentation

Does anyone know where I can submit an enhancement to the documentation? I want to propose changing the calendar class documentation to have a controller function like below so that users will know much easier how to make the calendar work with the prev/next links
// the way that functions with variable's generally work in CI is that the first variable is the same as
// segment(3), the next one the same as segment(4), etc. By setting them equal to false as I did says that
// "if there is no segment(3), set $year to false, and if there is not segment(4), set $month to false".

function index($year = false, $month = false)
        // if &year; and $month are false, set them using PHP's native date function.
        if( $year === FALSE ) $year = date( 'Y' );
        if( $month === FALSE ) $month = date( 'm' );
        $prefs = array (
               'show_next_prev'  => TRUE,
               'next_prev_url'   => 'http://example.com/index.php/calendar/show/'

        $prefs['template'] = '

   {table_open}<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">{/table_open}


   {heading_previous_cell}<th><a href="{previous_url}">&lt;&lt;</a></th>{/heading_previous_cell}
   {heading_title_cell}<th colspan="{colspan}">{heading}</th>{/heading_title_cell}
   {heading_next_cell}<th><a href="{next_url}">&gt;&gt;</a></th>{/heading_next_cell}




   {cal_cell_content}<a href="{content}">{day}</a>{/cal_cell_content}
   {cal_cell_content_today}<div class="highlight"><a href="{content}">{day}</a></div>{/cal_cell_content_today}

   {cal_cell_no_content_today}<div class="highlight">{day}</div>{/cal_cell_no_content_today}



        $this->load->library('calendar', $prefs);

        // pass the $year and $month into the generate function
        $data['calendar'] = $this->calendar->generate($year, $month);

        $this->load->view('view', $data);

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