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Need help about Menu Link in a navigation area

Hello! I just started using CodeIgniter. I am now making a site with a menu. I looks like this:

Home | About | Contact Us | Terms and Condition

Now, I was having a hard time figuring out how to make this since I think there is a way how to handle this in CI.

Thanks in advance for the future help.

Try this:

// style_sheet.css
  .flr        {float:right}
  .box_tabs   {margin:-1.88em 0 0 0}
  .box_tabs a {padding:0 5px 0 15px}

// View file
  <div class='box_tabs flr'>
      'home'      =>   base_url(),
      'about'     =>  'about',
      'blog'      =>  'blog',
      'contact'   =>  'contact',
      'terms'     =>  'terms',
      'calendar'  =>  'joke-of-the-day',
      foreach($a as $title => $link):
        echo anchor($link, $title);
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