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Bonfire v0.2-RC1 Released

The Bonfire Team is proud to release version 0.2 Release Candidate 1!

Since I first created Bonfire several months ago, the project has taken on a life of it's own. There are now 4 members on the team (Lonnie Ezell, Sean Downey, Nuno Costa, and Ben Evans) with growing community support.

Some of the more notable changes/additions are:

- A Unit Testing framework has been built that allows basic testing of your helpers, models and libraries.
- Emailer class has had a major upgrade.
- New System Events feature has been added that allows you to hook into various locations of Bonfire's execution.
- New Activities module that provides a simple, consistent way to track user's activities.
- New Module Builder that quickly creates the guts of a module for you, complete with views, controllers, models, migrations and more.
- Migrations now have separate 'timelines' for Bonfire core, your application, and any modules.
- The Assets lib allows module's assets to be loaded and provides the ability to combine and minify your CSS/JS
- 'Contexts' (primary navigation areas) are now fully customizable and you can easily create your own.
- You can now name the backend ('admin' by default) to anything you want to better match your app's needs.

There were also a ton of bugs squashed, but this isn't a final release, so more bugs are likely to be found. Please let us know about any bugs you find so that we can get them squashed before the 0.2 final release.

Before the final release of 0.2, some of our goals are:

- Full documentation of Bonfire (it's coming along nicely!)
- Much better test coverage of the entire suite.
- Installer improvements.

Now is the perfect time to jump in and kickstart your next project.

Download and report issues at https://github.com/ci-bonfire/Bonfire, and join in the discussions at http://forums.cibonfire.com.

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