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Sparks + php-activerecord = Fatal error: Class 'Users' not found

Hello everyone.

I just followed this tutorial:
to install/test sparks + php-activerecord

In my elementary test i getting:
Fatal error: Class 'Users' not found in C:\xampp\htdocs\.....\webroot\application\controllers\test.php on line 20

1. I created 'users' table with 2 records in DB.
2. Here's my tiny model code in ./application/models/Users.php :
class Users extends ActiveRecord\Model

3. Here's controller code:
class Test extends CI_Controller
public function users()
$this->load->spark('php-activerecord'); // This works.
$users = Users::all(); // This blows up
print_r ($users);

Navigating to SITE.com/test/users - causes above Fatal Error.

What could be the cause?


this think is XAMPP's fault, try any other like MAMP for example...

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