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Codeigniter, REST, versioning

Hi all, im trying to use CI for a RESTful api but im having a bit of a problem seeing the 'right' CI and 'right' REST way to do things. Im using 2.0.3 and the excellent REST_Controller by Phil.

In the religiously correct way to implement versions in a REST api, I would pass the version in a http header. For instance.

GET /api/users
Accept: application/json; version=1.1

Let's say I have 3 versions of my API. 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0. Getting the API Version from the header is not difficult.

So, in CI i would land in application/controllers/api.php, and method users_get() (the _get is a REST_Controller addition)

So now my problem is, how to implement versions in a somewhat manageable way. Id prefer versions to exist in standalone entities. Is there a CI-way to do this? Would it be possible to detect the version before the controller is called, and decide before loading the controller php file (api.php) to load a different php file, lets say api_1.1.php? Or is there another way to achieve something similar?

Now to add another layer of difficulty to this problem. I need to support multiple APIs from the same system. So, for instance:


Where the otp and mail are totally different APIs to a different data store. I would prefer this all to be in separate directories:


Would I use routing for this? And call say an otp.php and mail.php through routing? And can these 2 issues (versioning and routing) co-exist?

Any pointers are greatly appreciated,



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