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Regex to exclude categories from url in routes.php

Hi, I would like to have

these urls as categories on my page:

Quote:http://example.com/en/articles //for list of all
http://example.com/en/articles/cars //for list of all cars articles
http://example.com/en/articles/nature //for list of all nature acrticles
http://example.com/en/articles/sport //for list of all sport articles

I am using i18n that is why I have also another links like:

Quote:http://example.com/fr/articles //for list of all
http://example.com/fr/articles/cars //for list of all cars articles
http://example.com/fr/articles/nature //for list of all nature acrticles
http://example.com/fr/articles/sport //for list of all sport articles

This is easy, I call a controller articles.php anf inside it I have functions cars, nature, sport and everything works well.

However, I want to have articles, no matter what category they are, like this:


So, the category fell out from url when full article is view.

I am using i18n so my routes for this look like this:
Quote:$route['^en/articles/(.+)$'] = "articles/show_full_article/$1";
$route['^fr/articles/(.+)$'] = "articles/show_full_article/$1";

But this call everytime the function show_full_article, because it is in the 2nd segment.

So, I somehow need to rebuild the regex in:

$route['^en/articles/(.+)$'] = "articles/show_full_article/$1";

to exclude functions cars, nature and sport. I have only 3 categories so typing it manually is no big deal.

Please, if you know how to type the regex in routes.php to exclude these three categories , so codeigniter do not see them anymore as article names, let me know. I will appreciate it very much.

Thank you in advance for any advice.

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