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insert_id() returns NULL if any field was truncated.

[eluser]C. Jiménez[/eluser]
Not sure if it must be corrected (I Don't know if it a easy way to correct this behavior).
At least warned on user-guide.

If you insert data into a table and gets truncated, insert_id() will not return the id of the row.

Table example
id, nombre
id               int(11) PK
name             varchar(5)

$this->db->insert('example',array('name' => 'some text with more than 5 chars'));

$id = $this->db->insert_id();
// This performs a SELECT * from example where name = 'some text with more than 5 chars'
// Obviously 'some text with more than 5 chars' != 'some '

var_dump($id); // output null;

A workaround for this is validate your field with max_chars(5) to warn user. before insert the data. So you are always sure that the insert statement will not be truncated and you will retrieve your insert id.

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