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first controlloer

CodeIgniter at a Glance says CI has a Friendly Community of Users. so here
it goes.

Trying out the first controller helloworld and I keep getting the
domain.com/index.php I have reviewed five threads related to this and as
best as I can see I have adhered to /user_guide/general/urls.html How did I
screw it up as I keep getting the domain.com/index.php

CI has been located in domain.com/CI/
application & system folders have been located above web root

/home/username/public_html/ci/index.php has variables

line 59: $system_path = '/home/username/system';
line 75: $application_folder = '/home/username/application';
line 22: define('ENVIRONMENT', 'development');

/home/username/application/config/config.php has been

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