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escape in active record not working for me

Trying to use active record class to insert input data to db
and escaping not working, cant understand why:

sample code:

post value is x' AND email IS NULL; --

function something() {

  $variable = $this->input->post('web_url');

  $data = array(
    'weburl' => $variable,

  $this->db->update('table', $data);

inserted result looks like:
x' AND email IS NULL; --

but if i use something like this
$variable = $this->db->escape_str($this->input->post('web_url'));

inserted data looks like it should x\' AND email IS NULL; --

Question is: Why escaping doesnt work automaticaly ?

P.s. sorry for my bad english

(c.i version 2.1.0)


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