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extjs 4 & codeigniter

Do any libraries exist that integrate the two.

I found this great cakephp project http://banchaproject.org/ anything similiar for extjs or codeigniter or any have any crud code for editable grids?

I think you should take a look at http://www.grocerycrud.com/
IMHO, it is much more easier than ExtJS.

Hey Smile

I was also looking, 1 month ago, for something like this. But i was not able to find something. So i tried to create an easy to understand structure, which will make it easier, in my eyes, to use CodeIgniter with ExtJS.


I really hope, that this will help you.

P.S.: I will update the test case (movies) with more features, soon Smile
P.P.S.: Its also my first repo at github Smile


I looked at your repo and wondering how you are using sencha cmd with this structure?

Also how are you generating your final builds with sencha cmd?


what do you mean by "sencha cmd"?

sencha cmd is used to generate the initial Ext base app, themes, etc. It also is used to do the final build of your app which concatenates just the parts of extjs you need, all of your app MVC classes, and uses YUI compressor to make a single small file. This file and your CSS file is then all you need to put on your server (along with your codeigniter files).


I have been developing with extjs and codeigniter for a while now and have a pretty good structure/routine in place if you are interested.

[eluser]Ashok KS[/eluser]
Hello @richiejaeger,

Thanks for giving the code,
The home page is loading, but index.php/master/ is not loading.
How to load new views ??
I try to edit, but I couldn't.

i dont use sencha cmd

@ashok KS
can you give me the link to your site?

[eluser]Ashok KS[/eluser]
My website is hosted at http://infinitemlmsoftware.com/as/ci-extjs/


can you please update the RewriteBase option in the .htaccess. Else extjs cant access the data via URL.

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