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No-CMS, A Free CodeIgniter based CMS to start your project

[quote author="chuck99z28" date="1338642650"]I got it working on a GoDaddy Shared Linux Host.

I messedup the install the first time by not changing the database name.
But got it on the second try.

Checking it out now.


Glad to here it. Hope you will enjoy using No-CMS Big Grin


I'm trying to figure out how to create a new theme.
I'm guessing I should read the documentation for Phil's part.

[quote author="chuck99z28" date="1338724430"]
I'm trying to figure out how to create a new theme.
I'm guessing I should read the documentation for Phil's part.[/quote]

For now, I don't write the documentation yet (sorry). Looking for Phil's template documentation is a great idea. You can start by copying the already exists theme and make some modification.

Hopefully the documentation will be completed next month.

A new version of No-CMS has been released. I've add some features like hiding "index.php" on the url. The new documentation is now cover the theme customizing problem
Get the newest No-CMS here:

The complete article can be read here:

great cms from indonesia.

yah, Indonesia.

keep up the good work, brader.

Hi everyone, here is the development progress this week:

Unauthorized page redirection has been fix. So If you access navigation management directly, a login page will be appeared. Once you've login, you will be automatically redirected into navigation management page

A better installer. As suggested by Gangsar at https://github.com/goFrendiAsgard/No-CMS/issues/20, I've make a better installer

Here is the newest and greatest version of No-CMS so far: https://github.com/goFrendiAsgard/No-CMS...57631567b6
Next I'll go with themes and documentation.

Development progress so far:

New module standard has been created, more about it here:

Also I've make some modification on module_generator (the one that help you make CRUD application event easier). Still a rough (but working) code. Some finishing touch should be work Smile

Here is the current latest update: https://github.com/goFrendiAsgard/No-CMS...adeae7764c

Keep up the good work. Semangat mas bikin Indonesia bangga !!

I've change the groceryCRUD used in No-CMS into 1.2.3, some bad things happens, but it works in the end. See the complete note here:

Grab it here: https://github.com/goFrendiAsgard/No-CMS...e5d041dc12

I've just make a GIS plugin for No-CMS http://www.getnocms.com/2012/06/no-cms-and-gis.html
The complete source and instruction can be found here: https://github.com/goFrendiAsgard/gis-module

It will allow you to deal with spatial data easily. For everyone who don't know yet, I'll let you know that actually you can save any spatial data in MySQL. You can read more about MySQL Spatial here: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/s...sions.html

Basically, GIS plugin will transform your spatial data, and view it into a beautiful map. You can have several choice of "background" maps, including cloudmade, map box and (a bit controversial) google map.

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