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No-CMS, A Free CodeIgniter based CMS to start your project

Hi dudes,

I've make a CMS framework which is based on CodeIgniter and several plugins.

No-CMS is formerly Neo-CMS, but there is already another CMS with exact same name. So I change the name into No-CMS.

What is No-CMS?
No-CMS is a CMS-framework.

No-CMS is a basic CMS with some default features such as user authorization, menu, module and theme management. It is fully customizable and extensible, you can make your own module and your own themes. It provide freedom to make your very own CMS, which is not provided very well by any other CMS.

Who is it for?

No-CMS will be good for you if you say yes for majority of these statement:

You are a web developer who use CodeIgniter framework.
You are tired of building the same things such an authorization-authentication for every project.
You find that some part of your old project can be used for your next project.
You are happy with CodeIgniter but you think some plug-ins and features should be provided by default.
You want a simple and easy to learn framework that has 100% compatibility with CodeIgniter.
You don't want to learn too many new terms.
You are familiar with HMVC plugins, and you think it is one of "should be exists" feature in CodeIgniter.
You are in tight deadline, at least you need to provide the prototype to your client.


No-CMS is a good enough CMS. It is different from Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla. Those CMS are built by developers for users. No-CMS is built by developer for developers, although everyone else can still use it as well. The main purpose of this CMS is to provide a good start of web application project, especially for CodeIgniter developer.

No-CMS as Application development framework

No-CMS is not just another CMS. No-CMS allows you to make your own module and your own themes. This means that you (as developer) can make a module that can be used for several project.

No-CMS takes advantages of CodeIgniter as its core. It provides rich set of libraries for commonly needed task, as well as a simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries. The main advantage of CodeIgniter is you can creatively focus on your project by minimizing the amount of code needed or a given task.

No-CMS is also take advantages of several popular plugins such as :
-HMVC, to make fully modular separation
-Phil Sturgeon's Template, to make customizable themes
-groceryCRUD, to build CRUD application in a minute

Out of all, No-CMS also provide some common features:
-Authentication & Authorization by using group, privilege, and user management. Not like other CMS, there is no backend-frontend in No-CMS. You have freedom to choose how different groups of users can access pages and modules differently.
-Change Theme. You can change the theme easily.
-Install/Un-install Module You can install/un-install module easily.

In short, if you are familiar with CodeIgniter, No-CMS is a good kickstart to make your web application

I have new domain : http://www.getnocms.com/
And you can see the screenshoot here : http://www.getnocms.com/2012/02/no-cms-s...hoots.html

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