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No-CMS, A Free CodeIgniter based CMS to start your project

[quote author="goFrendiAsgard" date="1346293392"][quote author="mrgswift" date="1346270403"]goFrendiAsgard:

Thanks so much for all of your hard work on this.

I am currently exploring the possibility of using No-CMS in my future projects. I installed it in my dev environment. Everything seems to work correctly except the wysiwyg in full screen. It looks like you have some sort of jquery window loading the wysiwyg in full screen, but when I load it, the width of what it is viewable is only about 40 pixels.

I uploaded a screenshot here:

Am I doing something wrong, or is this bug? Your help is greatly appreciated!


Hi again, this is confirmed as a bug, related to my own code, not the IE. I've just patch it.

Hi goFrendiAsgard,

Thanks again for your hard work and for fixing the last problem I posted! I think I may have found another bug. Thanks for your work in fixing everything in the WYSIWYG, but it looks like when I upload a new image for the logo or the favicon, it truncates/strips out the file extension when it pushes the result of the upload to the database.

Just thought I would let you know!
I am using your most recent stable version (goFrendiAsgard-No-CMS-v_0.5.5_stable_rev2-5-g21641e4.zip)

Thanks for everything!

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