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No-CMS, A Free CodeIgniter based CMS to start your project

[quote author="mrgswift" date="1349812771"]

Hi goFrendiAsgard,

Thanks again for your hard work and for fixing the last problem I posted! I think I may have found another bug. Thanks for your work in fixing everything in the WYSIWYG, but it looks like when I upload a new image for the logo or the favicon, it truncates/strips out the file extension when it pushes the result of the upload to the database.

Just thought I would let you know!
I am using your most recent stable version (goFrendiAsgard-No-CMS-v_0.5.5_stable_rev2-5-g21641e4.zip)

Thanks for everything![/quote]

Hi mrgswift, I can't reproduce the problem in my computer. Everything was run perfectly in my computer. I've try several setting like hide/show index.php on installation. And it was going to work as expected.

By the way, how long is your image file name?
I need more of your help to ensure this.

1. Please open CMS Management | Configuration Management (http://your_server/No-CMS-installation-d...ain/config). Then, look at site_logo and site_favicon. Is the file name correct. The value must be something like @base_url/assets/nocms/images/custom_logo/your_logo.png

2. Check on assets/nocms/images/custom_logo. Is your file there?

Thank you, I hope I can fix it soon once I know the problem

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