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No-CMS, A Free CodeIgniter based CMS to start your project

[quote author="mrgswift" date="1349989369"][quote author="goFrendiAsgard" date="1349967218"]Hi mrgswift,
Please try this one: https://github.com/goFrendiAsgard/No-CMS...a6e459a3af[/quote]

Hi goFrendiAsgard,

After grabbing your modified files, now it just fails to upload altogether.

I tried with both favicon and the logo.

Example favicon upload:

Message I get within WYSIWYG(in red)

con_info.png 0.7kB Upload failed

I checked the /assets/nocms/images/custom_favicon/ directory just to verify, and the file is not there.

Thanks for your help!


Hi goFrendiAsgard,

I figured out what was wrong using the console in Google Chrome. Every time it was uploading a file the qqUploader was returning "{'error':'increase post_max_size and upload_max_filesize to 20M'}"

Since I have 20M as my upload_max_filesize in my php.ini, I started looking for a line of code with something close to this output.

I found the line in modules/wysiwyg/fileuploader_library/php.php on line 123:

die("{'error':'increase post_max_size and upload_max_filesize to $size'}");

I am assuming you were using this for debugging purposes, since the condition you set for it to run will always be true if the file size is less than the size limit set in php.ini

I went ahead and commented this line out. After commenting out this line, uploads are working correctly in the WYSIWYG.

Thanks Again For Your Help! :-)

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